(noun) The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled

Sensory Serenity is brought to you by Sensory Technology Ltd.  A long established company who have a wide range of experience designing, manufacturing and installing a vast array of sensory equipment and environments.

Sensory Serenity produce a large selection of products that create wonderful, but most importantly a safe space for people who need to escape to protect both themselves and others around them. The main aim with any calming room is to aid in the de-escalation of the user by providing them with a safe place to calm down.

We tailor our systems to suit the space you have available.  The protective padding is manufactured to fit and protect your existing walls and floors. We also pay attention to items such as radiators and windows.

Within your system design you have the option to include sensory equipment.  This can be used to help distract the user, although you do have to be careful not to create an area where users will purposely attempt to be placed, as they actually enjoy being there.  It needs to be used as a tool to assist in de-escalation and not as a reward.

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