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Sensory Serenity is a specialist division of Sensory Technology Ltd.  As a company Sensory Technology Ltd has been trading for over a decade, and in that time has created many wonderful sensory environments from Sensory Rooms and Sensory Pools through to Sensory Gardens and Bespoke Sensory Environments.

Sensory Technology was primarily formed to provide technology based sensory solutions, but as time progressed we were asked to provide more and more soft play and protective calming environments.  It became apparent that to keep up with demand we needed to look at this as a core service. Through investment in both machinery and people, we decided to create Sensory Serenity.



This website concentrates on calming and de-escalation rooms.  Where the main aim is to provide a safe space for users with raised emotional states to chill out and aid in returning them to a calmer state, making it safer for both themselves, other services users and their carers.

Sensory Serenity provides soft protective padding for a variety of purposes.  We will listen to the needs of you and your service users and then provide you with a tailored solution that will allow you to provide a safe space.  We use the latest CAD design software and CNC machining to allow for tailored solutions, including custom joinery and upholstery services using the best quality materials.  All our filling including foam and beans meets the latest British Standards and our fabrics are the strongest available and are both fire retardant and Phathlate free ensuring safety and quality is always our top priority.

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